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During our four years at D'Youville, Sister Geraldine instilled in her "girls" a genuine love of learning and the unending satisfaction that comes from putting together the right words and doing it well.She gave us an appreciation of the best writers, the best literatu Te.May God continue to bless all your endeavors." The Lord has truly blessed hers.Around D'Youville, the story was that Sister Geraldine had left a well-to-do family in New York to enter the convent when she was a beautiful, young woman of 22.She had a doctorate in English from Catholic University in Washington. Margaret Louise Shea CSJ Sister Margaret Louise is thoroughly enjoying her semi- retirement.When the end came, Sister Geraldine was at the Grey Nuns' motherhouse in Yardley, Pa. I deeply regret I didn't tell her once again how much I owed her as my teacher who believed in me and who inspired me. As a consulting psychologist in one of the first floor offices of the Dillon Center, she is in almost daily contact with her favorite spot on campus.And when she went home to God with her own repnart card, she had a record hard to beat.

In the note she expressed pride in some writing award that I had received and that D'Youville could "claim me." Then came her dear, oft-repeated words: "You are of course 'ours' and 'mine' — we cannot help liking to bask in the rays of your glory. You have become, in many ways, bridges from the college to the community at large. It is appropriate for an institution of our caliber and duration to contribute to the centenniel of the structure that symbolizes much of what we strive for. Joseph's College provide evidence of the enduring quality of this educational institution.After I heard of her death, I got out my college yearbook, yellowed and dog-eared with time.The faces of the class of '44 that looked out at me as I turned the pages were still young and hopeful and beautiful. Tucked in those pages I found what I was searching for.

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