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A mold seam is present indicating that this piece comes from the back of the bowl (closest to the stem). Decorative molded pipe bowls like these became common after 1730 and were evolving into more elaborate forms after 1820. Though less likely, the steepness of the rear wall suggests that it might also be of several other types (10-14) that were in use between 17. Following Oswald (1975), the morphology of this bowl fragment is suggestive of Type 13 (Thin, short bowls, flared mouth…flat spurs which after c. If the former match is correct, then the presences of a seam makes it likely that the pipe fragment was manufactured between 17. A single pipe-bowl fragment was recovered from excavations at A’asu. It is a small fragment of the upper wall and rim of the bowl mouth. The fragment incorporates a design motif consisting of upturned flames (that would have originated lower on the bowl), and a decorative band around the rim. Because the fragment is small, there is some ambiguity in the type. Historical archeologists have an advantage when it comes to dating because of the written historical record.

Access to this knowledge led to something called the Mean Ceramic Date.When archeologists first started using pipe fragments to date sites, they relied on the bowl of the pipe (where the tobacco goes).The size and shape of the bowl changed over time, making it a useful tool for dating. Harrington, who worked at Jamestown, looked at bowls that still had part or all of the pipe stem attached.Tobacco pipe makers marks appear in a variety of locations on the bowl including on the back, front, and sides, on the base, and on the sides of the spur or heel. Marks were produced by molds that left incuse (negative) or relief (raised) impressions (Oswald 19-91). In the first half of the 17th century, for both English and Dutch pipes, marks generally appear on the flat base of the heel. Oswald, Adrian 1960 The Archaeology and Economic History of English Clay Tobacco Pipes.

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Smaller particles would require a smaller hole to keep the debris out of one’s mouth. Or do you think it’s just because the pipe stems were fragile and easily shattered into many pieces?

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