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When I met her I wasn’t putting on any kind of “oh I hope she likes me and thinks I”m attractive,” I was just being me.And she was too, she wasn’t expecting anything either.When I met her, I was so excited because I had never felt connected like this to anyone, ever.I have never felt prouder to tell my friends and family about someone.

The producers were on to us, they weren’t clueless.

For me it took a little bit—for many reasons I had to put up a wall because when she left I felt so vulnerable. It was really a blessing in disguise that Dani left after the second week.

Not only was she the person I was closest to in the house, in that situation where you’re doing a reality show, she was my support. My attention was split, I really did want to give our connection attention, but was my main focus at that time.

We wanted to announce it for so many reasons, but the main reasons was we wanted to show people that there are no limitations and we are so much more than the labels people place on us.

For me, the labels people place on me with my disability, or with Dani and the way that she looks.

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