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On the most basic level, the show is about a group of friends who run Paddy's Pub in Philadelphia.

But it's much more than that - "the gang" takes on social and political issues in their own deprived way, often to awkwardly disastrous results.

Our high school reunion sucked because you weren't there", he pointed at her."You came back to the bar completely angry and nearly crying for a beer and we slow danced to the Pretty In Pink soundtrack", Erin fell into laughter, "I boosted your ego and you drunkingly made a speech on the bar and then you passed out", she laughed even harder."See? She tapped Dennis's leg and the two set their coffee's down just as Shawn's car pulled away from the curb and leave. Acting casual they ducked into the apartment building. Erin told him Dee had told her Shawn's doormat had the AC/DC sign on it.

Both of them had been watching this guy a little under fifteen minutes, sipping their Starbuck's chai latte's and sharing a rather large coffee cake.

"Call Me" by Blondie was playing at a volume of 7 on the CD player."She ever mention this guy to you? Dennis looked pretty proud of himself for getting her to laugh. Maybe his sister wasn't such a loser after all for coming up with this dumb idea.

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They found it and realized Shawn's door was unlocked."Does he not know how unsafe that is?

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