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It’s a royal city and the name of frag kinda suits it.7/10 Jaipur Homme EDT = ORIENTAL SPICY MASTERPIECE Jaipur Homme EDP = HEAVENLY SCENT Let's see the maths for JAIPUR HOMME EDP: - Scent: 9.5 (fantastic - my judgement - Still haven't met anybody who was not really impressed with this oriental, a bit sweet, spicy, citrusy, scent) - Longevity: 8.5 (above average for the existing notes - more than 8 hours) - Sillage: 8.0 (6~7 feet at its peak with 3 sprays; projects for less than 4 hours) - Uniqueness: 9.0 (preetty unique, considering the existing fragrances that I am aware of) - Wearability: 9.0 (all year round, day or night, just a bit less in the Summer)) - Versatility: 9.5 (amost everywhere) - Quality: 10.0 (my judgement) - Presentation: 10.0 (simple but very bautifull and effective) - Price: 10.0 (100 ml EDP tester for 30.00 Euros VAT; 100 ml EDT tester for 20.00 Euros VAT) Average: 9.28 / 10.00 Will I buy it again? Yes - I have both the EDT and the EDP and will buy backups for both.It is absolutely nothing like One Million, Eros and those other sweet mainstream scents. I had tested this fragrance on a strip about 4 years back when I was 27, it reminded me of Azzaro Pour Homme and didn't appeal to me much as I thought it was for older men. And I found the cinnamon a little more pronounced than the old bottle.This one is for the matured gentleman and probably best for outdoor use, as the power level is huge. When I came across this few days back in a shopping mall, I sprayed it on my hand and forgot about it. It's my first experience with my new bottle, I'll try it again to confirm that.Rich, spicy fragrance projecting the cinnamon, benzoin and cardamom notes in a deliciously well balanced configuration.Perfect Christmas scent while enjoying a crackling fire and spirited cup of eggnog!

However, it's not feminine, it just has a certain sweet, vanilla kind of vibe that doesn't make it very masculine. I could not detect the cinnamon,the spice must be coming from benzoin. The first minutes reminds me of 1200°C Lbel, the cinnamon is really intense.

FIrst initial wearing review: So I’ve been wearing this fragrance for 4 hours now and I love this scent as it’s exactly how I was hoping and expecting it too smell.

What I was really expecting it to smell like is an old school barbershop type of fragrance that is also exotic,unique and a work of art while at the same time being able to be appealing.

After about an hour or so later when I got into the car to leave I had this wonderful smell radiating from my arm and loved it. This perfume was created in 1998 however it smells like from the 80's. This is the best oriental designer for me and it can be obtained for so cheap, it hurts .

Even though it smells a bit outdated, I can't possibly stop liking this fragrance. Very sweet and spicy, it cuts through the cold weather like knife through butter. It may seem a little old fashioned for younger dudes, but I appreciate it and been wearing it since I was 17. an ambiguous scent that reminds me of Coco Chanel and Le Male at one point.

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We recommend it highly and it will be worth every penny spend !

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