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Did you know that roughly 1 in 10 e Bay listings are estimated to be either a scam or potentially fraudulent?

Unsuspecting sellers are also vulnerable to become victims of fraudsters.

Have you ever purchased an item online and wanted to ship it to a different address than normal?

It happens often enough, but on e Bay it can be a red flag for a scam.

In this scheme, a successful buyer contacts the seller to ask for more photos or information regarding the item(s). The catch is, they want the details sent to them via email.

On the surface, this seems like a reasonable request.

Today were going to look into EBay scams against sellers.

It’s hard to believe that their are so many scams surrounding EBay.

It’s a bit of hassle and you may lose a sale, but if it is a scam you potentially stand to lose both your item and the cash.

Here are some tips, tricks and warning signs to help you avoid the most frequent spam situations on e Bay.

e Bay’s Money Back Guarantee provides buyer confidence but has the potential to do the opposite for sellers since they are responsible for any item damage until it is delivered.

I am not trying to lay out a guide on how to do these things.

My hope is if people are educated maybe some of these acts will stop. A buyer will look through EBay for an IPad, Mac Book, or an IPhone, this could be any high end phone or computer.

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Being aware of some of the frequent scams is a great way to lower the chance of it happening.

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