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Some of the bats came from people who purchased them as pets and then realized they were ill-equipped to care for them (we commend these people for doing the right thing).

The bats range in sizes from a body of 2 inches long with a wingspan of 6″ to a body about the size of a small squirrel.

Within the house we will also have up to 30 Live Show rooms.

These live show rooms are private rooms where our models perform on camera broadcast to a live audience.

We had several Skype interviews and everything was looking rosey and then they disappeared and we are not sure why, it's possible they had a policy change but we haven't had any explanation.

Let's face it, ROC is not an utility token, and it's not part of the Rasputin Online "ecosystem".

Members can vote on what type of weekly party will take place in the house, they can choose for their favourite model to take yoga classes, painting or piano lessons, they can buy roses, perfume and other gifts or they can send their favourite model a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates allowing our members to interact with our models in many different ways.

A healthy valuation of ROC could provide much needed fund for operating / build out , etc expense. we shall just look forward to May when the project eventually starts.I believe the payment system with ROC coin being able to exchange for 3 months subscription would definitely create some demand and upwards movement in price of ROC coin. To this day we can enjoy what was part of the true and proven history of the Jewish people, through these beautiful monuments like the Wall of the city of Adonai, we can enjoy with pleasure and rejoice in the presence of Adonai. One day all His daughters and sons will get together again! Praise God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and His Eternal City Yerushalayim!!!

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