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On the way up, Brahma met Ketaki flower and told her to lie to Vishnu that he (Brahma) had seen the top, so they both descend and meet Vishnu and they both lie that they have seen the top of cosmic column.At this point, the central part of the column split and the Supreme Lord Shiva appears in front of them in full grace.If you take that out and simply ask a question about what the earliest records of Shiva are, that might not offend people as much.By the way, you should know that Euhemerism has been widely discredited in the scholarly community, especially when it comes to Indology, but if you're interested there's one book that takes a Euhemeristic approach to the Hindu gods:‌​805 It's a good book even if you're not interested in [email protected] In the nineteenth century, when Europeans didn't know that much about Hinduism, they assumed a Euhemeristic explanation.Surprised at the gigantic form, they both tried to measure its height by going in the opposite directions of the linga (upwards & downwards).Brahma changing his form to a swan and Vishnu to a boar (Varaha), they travelled for eons but they couldn't find either end of it.If I am not wrong, that day is worshiped as Maha-Shiv-Ratri ("Grand Shiva Night").

However Lord Shiva was also angry with Ketaki and Brahma for making the false claim, and cursed Brahma to never be worshiped, and barred Ketaki forever from being offered in worship.

First of all try not to compare Gods with Humans - this is not a Amish Tripathi Novel of Shiva and it will mostly offend people.

I had once read in Linga Purana and this is Online Version that once Brahma and Vishnu were fighting over each other’s power, trying to prove who is superior.

According to sacred scriptures, ritual worship of Lord Shiva on Shivratri festival that falls on the 14th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Phalgun pleases Lord Shiva the most.

This fact is said to have been declared by Lord Shiva himself, when his consort Parvati asked him as to which ritual performed by his devotees pleases him the most.

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