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Needing to dominate and overpower, that is a no go.” Jackie Kennedy once said there are two kinds of women: those who want power in the world, and those who want power in bed.

American women have become laser-focused on the former and have rejected the latter.

In doing so, they’ve undermined their ability to find lasting love. All a good man wants is for his wife to be happy, and he will go to great lengths to make it happen.

He’ll even support his wife’s ideas, plans or opinions if he doesn’t agree with them.

He’s reacting to something you said or did, or to something you didn’t say or didn’t do.

He’s reacting to your moods, your gestures, your inflections and your tone. Your husband wants you to be happy, and when he sees it isn’t working he thinks he’s failed. Another way to think about the male-female dance is to consider the game of chess. Suzanne Venker is the author of five books on marriage, feminism and gender politics.

That’s because a husband’s number one goal is to please his wife.

If he determines his wife cannot be pleased, that’s when the marriage is in trouble. Not simple as in dumb, as is often portrayed in the media.

We would sit at the dinner table and talk over home-cooked meals, play games with our kids, and take them out to the zoo and on picnics.

Their friends would always be welcome and our home would be filled with laughter and silliness.

We weren't too concerned when the six month mark passed, and even when the 12 month mark came and went, and I hadn't got pregnant. It was much lower than it should be for someone my age. 'On reflection, the trip opened up our eyes to the idea there were other ways of living we hadn't explored - and instigated a great deal of soul searching,' said Kate Over the next few months I did my own research on IVF success rates for people in similar situations to our own, in terms of their age, the number of cycles they had had, the number of mature follicles that developed, and the number of eggs collected.

Editor's note: The following column is adapted from the new book "The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage" Post Hill Press (February 14, 2017). She was, however, a remarkable and compassionate woman.

And she was fiercely devoted to my father, so much so that five years after he died, she couldn’t bring herself to even kiss the man who fell in love with her at the independent living facility where she lived for a year and a half before she too passed away.

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It is when men are not loved well that problems arise. Now I know what you’re thinking: that I’m putting everything on you. Your husband is 100% responsible for his own actions.

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