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Multi-master replication can also be contrasted with failover clustering where passive slave servers are replicating the master data in order to prepare for takeover in the event that the master stops functioning.

The master is the only server active for client interaction.

One of the more prevalent multi-master replication implementations in directory servers is Microsoft's Active Directory.

Within Active Directory, objects that are updated on one Domain Controller are then replicated to other domain controllers through multi-master replication.

Synchronous multi-master replication uses Oracle's two phase commit functionality to ensure that all databases with the cluster have a consistent dataset.

Microsoft SQL provides multi-master replication through peer-to-peer replication.

Many directory servers are based on LDAP and implement multi-master replication.In terms of direct support we have: Maria DB: natively supports multi-master replication since version 10.0, but conflict resolution is not supported, so each master must contain different databases.On My SQL this is named multi-source available since version 5.7.6.An important characteristic of e Xtreme DB Cluster is transaction replication, in contrast to log file-based, SQL statement-based, or other replication schemes that may or may not guarantee the success or failure of entire transactions.Accordingly, e Xtreme DB Cluster is an ACID compliant system (not BASE or eventual consistency); a query executed on any cluster node will return the same result as if executed on any other cluster node.

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